How to crack Webkul PHP interview

Webkul is certainly the most promising PHP development company in India. We work on range of PHP platforms including-




and many other popular PHP frameworks and CMS’s.

Webkul works on a range of technologies but PHP is certainly one of the main areas where we are looking for brilliant and talented engineers like you.

As many times we encounter that people are lacking in terms of awareness, especially with freshers. So, let's peep into a few of them-

I want to be a PHP developer or Full stack developer” what tech stack should I learn to get a job.

This complete blog post is the answer to all such questions and we guarantee if you work hard and finish the assignments mentioned here you will get a job in Webkul or similar companies on PHP.

1 - Logic Practice or pattern problems

This is mandatory in all of our interviews either PHP, Python or JAVA. Without a pattern, it is almost impossible to get a job in Webkul. So practice hard and build logic.

We are quite sure that every time you will get the new pattern so build the logic and not to mug-up the patterns. Patterns will be based out of Loops, array and oops. This is the most first and most critical round as almost 95% of people gets failed here.

2 – PHP Ecosystem awareness

After the pattern(s) round, you will go with a face-to-face interview. We would strongly urge to have a good practice on the following topics.

  • PHP with oops ( may use a framework like Symfony )
  • Jquery and Ajax Database management with PHP ( MySQL )
  • CSS/Html

You should do small projects based on the above topics.


  • Build a twitter clone
  • A website like Instagram
  • A small Facebook type system
  • A small e-commerce site like Flipkart
  • A small blog engine like WordPress

and so many other real-life examples are there. Build those projects by your own and don't copy-paste or use a readymade system like Wordpress, Joomla, woocommerce or Magento.

In this way, you will learn the complete concepts of building real-life projects. It will help you a lot to crack any PHP based interviews.

3 – PHP Ecosystem Expertise

If you think you already have sound experience with above tech stacks then we would strongly suggest using few popular frameworks like:

  • Symfony and MVC based code.
  • Vuejs / Reactjs Ajax REST API and JSON bootstrap CSS framework
  • Basic GIT management.


Again using those tech stacks build the following projects :

  • Build a twitter clone
  • A website like Instagram
  • A small Facebook type system
  • A small e-commerce site like Flipkart
  • A small blog engine like WordPress
  • A small CRM and other real-life examples.

We guarantee if you have hands-on experience on the above topics, No PHP development company will reject you.

What tools & guide should I follow to get a job in Webkul?

So, from where I can learn these tech stacks? Either I should join an institute or coaching?

Well, there is no harm in terms of joining coaching but best would be to do it by your own. A huge amount of videos are already there on youtube. Just search it and start learning from there.

We recommend some quick links:

  • You can learn basics from here w3schools
  • Symfony already have a wonderful guide
  • Almost every topic is well explained in youtube videos and you can find great article over google.


  • Use visual studio code – Great IDE Chrome Dev tool for debugging of Javascript/ Ajax/CSS.
  • Use Linux ( highly recommended LAMP stack) else you may use WAMP as well.
  • Phpmyadmin for database management.

visual-code Ajaxcss


  • Do the code means REAL CODE – don't copy-paste from stack overflow or any forum. Understand the inbuilt functions and their usage.
  • JavaScript is critical and future – There is no alternative of JavaScript so understand it well.
  • Write codes on Javascript.
  • Ajax is critical as well. You will understand the nature of Javascript especially sync and async calls.


Happy Learning!                                                                                                                    

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